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Get started in the in-demand field of data analytics with a SIIMT Diploma in Data Analytics . Learn the core principles of data analysis and gain experience with data manipulation using Introduction to concepts Data Analysis, Excel, Dashboarding with applying analytical techniques, and working with a variety of data sources.


  • Certified Data Analyst With Excel (LEVEL 1)


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1 month


GH₵  7000 (Ghanaian) | $ 800 for (Non-Ghanaian)

Note: You can pay in installments and we have flexible modes of payment. 

Requirement – This course does not require any prior programming or technical skills. We teach from complete basic to advance with practical based training.

  • Data Analyst

Average salary of  data analyst is 72,443 USD per year A data analyst’s job functions are exactly what the job title implies — analyzing company and industry data to extract value. Data analysts work in every industry, although job titles can vary. Some roles will have industry-specific names like “healthcare data analyst.” “Business analyst,” “intelligence analyst,” and other similarly named roles often overlap with data analyst roles.

  • Quantitative Analyst

Average salary of quantitative analysts is 85,995 USD per year. A quantitative analyst is another highly sought-after professional, especially in financial firms. Quantitative analysts use data analytics to discover potential financial investment opportunities or risk management problems.

  •  Data Analytics Consultant

Average salary of Data Analytics Consultant is 87,068 USD per year. Like many of these positions, the primary role of an analytics consultant is to deliver insights to a company to help them make better decisions.

  • Operations Analyst

Average salary of Operations analysts is 68,080 USD per year Operations analysts usually work internally at large companies, but they may also work as consultants. They focus on a business’s internal processes. This can include internal reporting systems, product manufacturing and distribution, and general business operations.

  • Marketing Analyst

Average salary of Marketing analyst salary is 65,792 USD per year Digital marketing also relies upon data analytics. Marketers often use tools like Google Analytics, custom reporting tools, and other third-party sites to analyze traffic from websites and social media advertisements

  •  Project Manager

Average salary of Project manager is 73,495 USD per year Project managers use analytics tools to track a team’s progress, efficiency, and productivity. To do this, they need at least a working understanding of data analytics. These positions are typically internal at large corporations, frequently in management consulting.

  • IT Systems Analyst

Average salary of IT systems analyst is 86,474 USD per year. Systems analysts design systems to solve problems in information technology. The required level of technical expertise varies in these positions, and that creates opportunities for specialization by industry and personal interest

  • Transportation Logistics Specialist

Average salary of Transportation Logistics Specialist is 53,653 USD per year

A transportation logistics specialist optimizes transportation of physical goods, often for large shipping companies like Amazon or UPS, as well as naval transport companies, airlines, and city planning offices.

After completing this course you will:

  • Gain the job-ready skills for an entry-level data analyst role through this Data Analysis Diploma offered by SIIMT University College in the thriving job market for data analysts
  • Power your data analyst career by learning the core principles of data analysis and gaining hands-on skills practice.
  • You’ll work with a variety of data sources, project scenarios, and data analysis tools, including Excel, Dashboarding, Python, Jupyter Notebook ,SQL Database , Python with MySQL, Exploratory Data analysis, R Programming, R with MySQL and Microsoft Power BI gaining practical experience with data manipulation and applying analytical techniques.

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