PHP is a popular server-side scripting language which is used to create dynamic and data-driven web pages as well as web applications. The PHP/ MySQL course by SIIMT University College is an exhaustive course which includes topics for both PHP and MySQL. With the completion of this course students would be able to create E-commerce websites, database designing and optimization, and CMS development. This course nurtures and enhances the knowledge and skills of the students while providing them a foundation for a successful career in procedural PHP.

Topics Description
Internet Basics Protocols, Servers and their Functions, Internet Clients, Network Security, Internet Development, Design Functional Internet site & Business Concepts
HTML Fundamentals/ Basic HTML, Text formatting on Web Pages, Incorporate images, Creating hyperlinks, complex image maps, tables and nested tables, Inserting web page, Setting & modifying field properties, Validating HTML
Cascading Style Sheet – CSS Introduction, Designing with Style Sheets, Style Sheet Syntax, ID, Class Contextual Selectors, Cascading Order, Properties, Absolute and Relative Positioning, Layering Elements using Z-Index, Animating objects
Javascript & Document Object Model Introduction to JavaScript, Variables and Objects, Decision Making Statement, Loops, Arrays, Functions & Prototypes, Core JavaScript Objects, DOM Introduction, Event Model, Function
JQuery Introduction, Installing & Configuration, jQuery Syntax, Selectors, Events, jQuery Callback & Chaining
Node.js Intro to Node.js
Extensible Markup Language – XML Introduction to XML, Benefits, Holding Data, Separates Structure from Formatting, Data Sharing XM
Document Type Definition – DTD Introduction, DTD Building Blocks, Elements & Attributes, Entities, Validation
Dreamweaver Interactivity, Application Development Environment, Site Management, Media Customizing & Extending, Page Authoring, Design & Management
AJAX Learning creating dynamic single-page applications using AJAX
PHP HyperText PreProcessor – PHP Introduction, PHP Document, Language Fundamentals, Decision Making Statement, Loops, Statements, Operators, PHP functions, Arrays & Functions, String Functions, Server-Side Processing, Processing Forms via GET/POST, State and Persistence, Web Application Development, Introduction to PHP Frameworks & Basic OOP
SQL & MySQL Introduction to SQL & MySQL & its Versions, Administration & Query Browser, Creating Databases & Tables, Using keys, Types of Table in MySQL, Data Types, Deleting databases and tables, Inserting, Retrieving, Updating & Deleting data, User Accounts, Access Control & documentation
Integrating PHP and MySQL PHP interfacing with MySQL, Connecting to MySQL, Database Connecting, Executing SQL, Retrieving the data set & Refining the fetch

Note: You can pay in installments and we have flexible modes of payment. 

Requirement – This diploma does not require any prior programming or web development skills.

Web Development 6 months Ghanaian – GHS 6800
Non-Ghanaian – USD 750

Note: You can pay in installments and we have flexible modes of payment. 

Requirement – This Certification does not require any prior programming or statistical skills.

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