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Certificate in 2D/3D Animation & Multimedia Design


Diploma in Animation and Multimedia course helps to produce full-fledged animation experts and professionals with the skills as well as confidence in order to build a rewarding career in the field. The program will train the candidates in the most recent industry-relevant modules by utilizing technical education equipment.

Diploma in Animation and Multimedia Course: Career Prospects

Animation has risen to become an extremely prominent career decision among Ghanaian candidates. Already, this field was essentially obscure to the majority. However, over the most recent couple of years, this field has increased much consideration and has since grown quickly. Achievement of Animation movies and toons has incredibly added to the development of this field in Ghana.
Studios, film production houses, as well as animation organizations, are emptying increasingly funds into this field to enhance the nature of movement arrangements introduce in their works. They realize that animation has tremendous potential in Ghana.


Animator Animators are responsible to create pictures that seem to become animated on screen. Their work is found in include films, advertisements, pop videos, PC games, sites and different media.
Art Director They work in view of briefs from marketing specialists and produce thoughts to present to the customer. They deal with designs to deliver viable publicizing efforts, and commission pros, for example, craftsmen and photographers, to chip away at ventures.
Flash Animator They make advanced animations utilizing Adobe Flash. They may likewise utilize PC codes to make sites and illustrations, and extra programming projects in order to make SWF file.
3D Animator They are responsible to develop special effects, digital animation, or other visual pictures utilizing film, video, PCs, or other electronic instruments and media.
Film and Video Editor They amass recorded crude material into completed items that are appropriate for broadcasting. The material may incorporate camera film, dialogue, sound impacts, illustrations, and special effects.
Program Level                                                                         Diploma
Duration of the Program 1 years
Examination Type                                                          Semester and Annual
Eligibility                                                          WSSCCE/SSSCE/BECE
Admission Process  Merit Based
Program Fee                                                            GHC5400( Payment can be done in 3 installments)