Certified Network Security Expert Level 2


Each organisation needs a safe and secure network in order to prevent hackers from stealing and misusing the data. This creates an urgent need for network security experts. Skilled professionals who can build and secure good network system. Our network security course is designed to train students to identify vulnerabilities, security concerns. They learn to anticipate attacks which helps to plan and implement the necessary Security solutions to network systems, application or server. The course module covers all critical topics such as Network topology, Open system Inter connectivity model or OSI, Protocol architecture, Nat Configuration, Advanced Port Scanning and so on.

Course Contents
Module Topic
Module 1: Network Topology
Module 2: Open Systems Interconnectivity Model
Module 3: TCP/IP In-depth
Module 4: WAP, NAT, DNS and ICMP
Module 5: Internet Routing
Module 6: Advanced Port Scanning
Module 7: Sniffing Attacks
Module 8: Masquerading Attacks
Module 9: Advanced DOS and DDOS
Module 10: Session Hijacking Attacks
Module 11: Network Operations Center – Security
Module 12: Network Traffic Analysis
Module 13: Network Vulnerability Assessment
Module 14: Network Penetration Testing
Module 15: Intrusion Detection System
Module 16: Snort 101
Module 17: OSSEC 102
Module 18: Intrusion Prevention System
Module 19: Firewalls (Installation, Configuration and Usage)
Module 20: OS Hardening for Networks – Linux and Windows
Module 21: Cryptography – Introduction
Module 22: Symmetric Key Encryption
Module 23: Asymmetric Key Encryption
Module 24: Hash functions
Module 25: Trust Models
Module 26: VLAN – Security
Module 27: VPN – Security
Module 28: Wireless Networks – Introduction
Module 29: Radio Frequency Essentials
Module 30: Wireless Security – Basics
Module 31: Wireless Threats
Module 32: Attacking Wireless Hotspot and Security
Module 33: WEP Security
Module 34: WPA/WPA2 Security
Module 35: Secure Wireless Infrastructure Deployment
Module 36: DNS Tunneling
Module 37: Network Forensic Methodology
Module 38: Network Evidence Acquisition
Module 39: OS Logs and Splunk
Module 40: Summary
Knowledge in Certified Information Security (CISE) Level 1.
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