Certified Information Security Expert Level 1


Learn to hack into systems and web-servers, to perform penetration testing on your setup. Within just 6 months with no prior knowledge to computers required you will become an information security champ.

After completing this course you will:

  • Learn to assess your systems for vulnerabilities from all the latest attacks.
  • Be able to create malware, viruses and worms to understand how they work.
  • Be able to work on 30+ modules including Kali Linux for penetration testing.
  • Have in-depth understanding how networks and attacks work in real world applications.
  • Be able to capture keystrokes on a compromised system to track the activity.
  • Crack and enforce encryptions over a network or system.
Course Contents
Module Topic
Module 1: Introduction of Ethical Hacking
Module 2: Networking
Module 3: Footprinting/Reconnaissance
Module 4: Google Hacking Module
Module 5: Scanning Module
Module 6: System Hacking: Win7 and Linux
Module 7: Android & iPhone Hacking Module
Module 8: Malwares
Module 9: Viruses
Module 10: Worms
Module 11: SQL Injection
Module 12: Cross-Site Scripting
Module 13: Sniffing
Module 14: Social Engineering
Module 15: Identity Theft Fraud Module
Module 16: Denial of Service Module
Module 17: Session Hijacking
Module 18: Penetration Testing
Module 19: Exploit Writing & Buffer Overflow
Module 20: Cryptography & Steganography
Module 21: Firewalls & Honeypots
Module 22: IDS & IPS
Module 23: Hacking Web Server
Module 24: Wireless Hacking
Module 25: Physical Security
Module 26: Reverse Engineering
Module 27: Email Hacking
Module 28: Security Compliance and Auditing
Module 29: Cloud Computing & Security
Module 30: IoT Hacking
Module 31: Vulnerabilities Analysis
Module 32: Incident Handling
No prior knowledge to computers required you will become an information security champ.
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