Diploma in Android Application Development


Android is an open source software which is still growing to new heights as most products look for both web and mobile presence these days. With our Android app development classroom course, the students get to learn about the basic concepts of Core Java that is used in Android Development, Software Development Kit (SDK).
The course is taught be excellent instructors with years of industry experience in Android development. Students get an extensive knowledge about the unique Android OS architecture, GUI development and how-to setup own applications in the Android marketplace. At the completion of the course the students would be able to build, develop and deploy their Android App.

Course Contents
Module Topic
Module 1: Android – The Big Picture
Module 2: User Interface Layout and Events
Module 3: Menus and Dialogs
Module 4: Data Storage Methods
Module 5: Notification and Alarms
Module 6: Telephony
Module 7: Multimedia
Module 8: Location and Location Manager
Module 9: Graphics and Animations
Module 10: Publishing your App!

APK Programmer, Mobile Programming Expert, and Android Developer

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