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Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication

A bachelor's degree program in journalism and mass communication requires students to complete both
a broad liberal arts education and rigorous writing coursework. Some schools incorporate internship
programs into degree curricula.
Education Prerequisites
Prospective students must typically have a high school diploma in order to qualify for admittance. In
addition, many colleges of journalism and mass communication have secondary entrance requirements,
such as submitting writing samples or completing prerequisite college coursework with a minimum
grade point average. Applicants should also have proven skills in English and public speaking.

Course Topics

In addition to expectations within the major, some schools require students to either select a secondary
major or declare an emphasis of study outside of journalism. Courses within a journalism and mass
communication bachelor's degree program usually require substantial expository writing. Heavy
emphasis is typically placed on topics related to media. Some course topics might include:

 Broadcast journalism
 Multimedia story coverage
 Fundamentals of mass communication
 Advanced writing and reporting
 Ethical issues in public relations
 Writing for the magazine market
 Television news writing
 Graphic design

Popular Career Options

Graduates can generally qualify for employment opportunities with newspapers, magazines, television
networks and other forms of written and electronic media. Some possible job titles include:
 News reporter
 Media researcher
 Magazine writer
 Public relations specialist